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Master Your Time with 'Time and Priorities Reimagined' in just 2 hours!

Discover How to Align Your Daily Activities with Your True Priorities Using the Daily Wellness Planner
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Do you struggle to align your daily activities with your true priorities? Are you looking for practical ways to make lasting changes in how you spend your time? The Time and Priorities Reimagined module is designed to help you reflect on your current time management practices, identify areas for improvement, and take action to create a more focused and purposeful life.
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In this insightful and empowering class, we'll guide you through a series of reflective exercises and discussions that will help you evaluate your current time allocation and priorities. You'll learn how to make informed decisions to adjust your schedule and activities, ensuring they align with your core values and goals, using the Daily Wellness Planner. 

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01 — Class Topics

What you will learn in the class

Empower yourself with advanced time management skills and align your daily life with your goals using the transformative Daily Wellness Planner in our comprehensive 'Time and Priorities Reimagined' training.

Master Time Management with the Daily Wellness Planner

Delve into advanced time management techniques and learn how to utilize the Daily Wellness Planner to effectively organize your schedule, ensuring your tasks and goals are aligned and prioritized for maximum productivity.

Harmonize Your Life Goals with Daily Actions

Discover the art of aligning your daily activities with your core values using the Daily Wellness Planner. This process empowers you to focus your efforts on what truly matters, bringing you closer to your personal and professional aspirations.

Transform Procrastination into Progress

Learn to leverage the Daily Wellness Planner as a powerful tool against procrastination. Gain practical strategies for breaking down overwhelming tasks, tracking your progress, and maintaining motivation for continuous personal growth and a more purposeful life, incorporating the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.
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02 — Invest in yourself

Ready to transform your life and align your time with your true priorities?

Don't wait any longer! Enroll in the "Time and Priorities Reimagined" class today, and begin your journey towards a more focused and fulfilling life with the Daily Wellness Planner (included with the class). Take the first step towards mastering your time and achieving your goals – Sign up now!
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NOTE: If you already have the Daily Wellness Planner, use TPR24 coupon code to receive 50%.  ** YOU MUST SHOW PROOF OF PLANNER PURCHASE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE ON THE DAY OF CLASS. ** Email for questions. **

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