I am Shelby Frederick

Your Coach. Your Trainer. Your Equipper.

I help individuals clarify, organize and unlock their hidden treasures through personalized and group purpose development, vision coaching and life mapping focusing on Total Man Transformation: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Shelby's goal as a Holistic Leadership Coach is to help leaders become more self-aware and to help them create a leadership style that is authentic, balanced, and effective in achieving their goals based upon their unique intelligent design.
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My story

Shelby Frederick

Shelby began her leadership journey as a youth growing up in the church where she served in various capacities through early adulthood. She learned the importance of faithful service under the tutelage of her parents, Dr. Vivian F. Morgan and the late Dr. Gerald L. Morgan.

With over a decade of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, her extensive knowledge and training allow her to educate the public on the various forms of healing holistically. As a Certified Instructor with the International Institute of Faith-Based Therapy, she has a deep understanding the spirit, soul, and body and how it impacts leadership development. Using the lens of the eight dimensions of wellness, she formed the Holistic Leadership Development Coaching Intensive.
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Our tools help identify or fine-tune your most valuable resource called purpose, which is the heartbeat of  true empowerment


Our system uncovers your most valuable resources, positioning you to lead according to your leadership design orientation.


HLD Skillset Management Tools build conviction that keep your inspired and motivated as you meet the needs of others.


By developing a strong philosophy of purpose, our clients develop a greater appreciation for the existence and performance of humanity.

What our clients say:

"My time in coaching with Apostle Shelby helped me to fully discover my purpose and prepared me to walk through a time of transition. She guided me in identifying how my purpose, identity and assignment were connected and provided a roadmap for navigating. Shelby is Spirit-led, brings the Word of God along with strategy and practical wisdom to bear on the coaching process. Coaching with Shelby was well worth the investment and set me on a trajectory to fulfillment of my purpose."

Staci Kitchen

"Think Like A Champion!
30 Day Mind Fit Spiritual Development Workbook. Challenged your thinking but also challenge you to search the scriptures. To see where your thoughts match or didn’t match The Word of God. The S.A.S. principle seek, apply and share builds strategies to learn, hear God in what He is saying and think how to share. This was an excellent learning tool. I will be sharing This book. Thank you Lady Jewels!"

Pauline LaPaugh

"The most Usable Success Strategy that I gained from this retreat is the different type of people - labels. ex. The Dominate, The Know It All, etc. It was very enlightening. A lot of good information, the views given regarding how to treat staff. Employees are important. Lead Through Love."

LaTasha B.

Unlock your full potential with Mind Fit Academy. Our programs and mentorship offer an abundance of resources, guidance, and strategies to help women leaders excel in their ministry and holistic living. Join us today to experience the power of transformation within yourself.

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