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Some feedback from our students

"My assignment is to raise spiritually mature disciples to sonship whereas they influence culture and society in their kingdom influence. These sons understand the call and the assignment to represent The King and His Kingdom, making lasting impact for generations to come." ~ Apostle Shelby Frederick

“Challenged Me”

"The training on intercession has pushed me to seek more. It has challenged me to reevaluate my prayer life. Thank you Shelby for being obedient, efficient, and consistent. Not only do you give great instruction on intercession it shows in your prayers."
D. Yvonne

“Passionate and knowledgeable”

"I love how the trainer, Shelby Frederick is passionate and knowledgeable about prayer. She truly lives what she teaches. The content she teaches on Intercession is very unique yet biblically sound. I absolutely love the scriptures God has revealed to her to use. John 17:11b.....that they may be one, as we are....Jesus heart desire for the body of Christ (that they be one with him as Jesus is one with his father)! Out of this vertical intimacy comes a heart and deep concern to pray for the needs of others."
S. Owens

“Easy to understand”

"These teachings have been absolutely amazing and prayer life changing. I prayed, but only out of a sense of Christian duty. These teachings have sparked a hunger and desire to truly commune with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My mind has totally been transformed relating to prayer..Shelby I thank God for your obedience to this great call."
Kyna Johnson


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