Reflect, Revise, and Take Action for a More Focused Life

Time and Priorities Reimagined

Do you struggle to align your daily activities with your true priorities? Are you looking for practical ways to make lasting changes in how you spend your time? The Time and Priorities Reimagined module is designed to help you reflect on your current time management practices, identify areas for improvement, and take action to create a more focused and purposeful life.

In this insightful and empowering class, we'll guide you through a series of reflective exercises and discussions that will help you evaluate your current time allocation and priorities. You'll learn how to make informed decisions to adjust your schedule and activities, ensuring they align with your core values and goals.





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Current Time and Priorities Review

Assess your current time management practices and evaluate how well they align with your true priorities, values, and aspirations.

Self-Reflection and Discovery

Engage in self-reflection to gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth in time management and prioritization.

Identifying Areas for Change

Pinpoint specific aspects of your daily routine, habits, and activities that require adjustment to better align with your real priorities.

Decision-Making and Goal Setting

Use your newfound self-awareness and understanding of your priorities to decide on the changes you'll make, and set achievable goals to guide your progress.

Creating an Action Plan

Develop a practical and personalized action plan that outlines the steps you'll take to implement the changes you've decided on and achieve your goals.

Reviewing and Learning from Experience

Regularly assess your progress and learn from your experiences, refining your approach and making adjustments as needed to stay on track with your priorities.

Maintaining Momentum and Accountability

Discover strategies for maintaining motivation, staying accountable, and cultivating a growth mindset to support your ongoing journey toward better alignment of time and priorities.
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Daily Wellness Planner

This invaluable tool will be your companion throughout the course. Learn to utilize it to its fullest potential to track, plan, and align your daily activities with your long-term goals. 

Master Time Management with the Daily Wellness Planner: Delve into advanced time management techniques and learn how to utilize the Daily Wellness Planner to effectively organize your schedule, ensuring your tasks and goals are aligned and prioritized for maximum productivity.

Harmonize Your Life Goals with Daily Actions: Discover the art of aligning your daily activities with your core values using the Daily Wellness Planner. This process empowers you to focus your efforts on what truly matters, bringing you closer to your personal and professional aspirations.

Transform Procrastination into Progress: Learn to leverage the Daily Wellness Planner as a powerful tool against procrastination. Gain practical strategies for breaking down overwhelming tasks, tracking your progress, and maintaining motivation for continuous personal growth and a more purposeful life.

If you already have the planner, be sure to enter code TPR24 at checkout and receive 50% off the class. 

Certified Coach

Shelby Frederick

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I am Shelby Frederick. I help women and youth clarify, organize and unlock their hidden treasures through personalized and group purpose development, vision coaching and life mapping focusing on Total Man Transformation: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Shelby is a Certified Purpose Development Coach, Certified Instructor with the International Institute of Faith-Based Therapy and Northeastern College of Theology, where she will graduate in June with her Master of Theology degree. In addition, she is a “serial entrepreneur” with several businesses under her purpose umbrella. If you are ready to discovery your abilities, uncover your insecurities, and tap into your destiny, let's work together!

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"I found the session to be comprehensive due to the multiple assessments, so you walk away with a clear understanding of how you 'show up' in the world."

CDCFC HR Retreat
"The most Usable Success Strategy that I gained from this retreat is the different type of people - labels. ex. The Dominate, The Know It All, etc. It was very enlightening. A lot of good information, the views given regarding how to treat staff. Employees are important. Lead Through Love."
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Soul Care Coaching
"Shelby is VERY PATIENT and humble. I'm grateful that I had an opportunity to not only heal but to experience her GIFT. I learned during our sessions. Shelby is a wonderful source of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. I'm healed and in a very good place in my life. I feel AMAZING and EVERYTHING looks NEW! Thank you Shelby!"
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