"A dynamic and flourishing community dedicated to spiritual growth and prophetic exploration."

Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship

Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship offers a unique pathway to explore, learn, and grow in prophetic ministry. Our community is not just a mentorship group; it is a dynamic, living space that is committed to fostering a deeper understanding and experience of the prophetic in our lives.
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About Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship Community 

 The Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship Community is not designed to act as or substitute a spiritual covering. Rather, it is a platform for individuals who are wanting to develop and refine their roles as responsible prophets or individuals with prophetic inclinations. Through this community, members are empowered to enhance their personal growth and cultivate their prophetic ministries responsibly and effectively.

A Transformative Journey Filled With Prophetic
Discovery, Learning, and Growth

Ascend to New Heights with Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship

Deepen Understanding

By joining the Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship community, you can deepen your understanding of the prophetic dynamics and principles in a supportive, guided environment. Our content is structured to demystify the complexities of prophetic ministry, making it an excellent resource for individuals eager to comprehend the workings of prophetic operations.

Network and Connect

Joining the community presents an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are on similar journeys. The networking opportunities could open doors for collaborative efforts, friendships, and a chance to learn from the diverse experiences of others in the prophetic field.

Personalized Guidance

Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship Community offers personalized guidance tailored to your level of understanding and prophetic journey. Whether you're a beginner or have advanced knowledge, our tiered membership levels cater to your unique needs, helping you to grow at your own pace and in your own way.

Continuous Learning

The Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship offers regular content updates, sessions, and interactions that keep members abreast of new insights, revelations, and practices in prophetic ministry. This allows for continuous learning and growth, ensuring members remain relevant and knowledgeable in their prophetic journey.

What our students say about us

"Just wanted to say thank-you for the fantastic presentations. You are most definitely walking in your calling. I have learned so much and looking forward to learning more. You are a blessed professor. May The Most High continue to take you to greater heights of His glory and your anointing."
- W. J. Johnson
"For Me its been 6 weeks of extended phenomenal teaching/ training that I've needed...so much material...so much attention and focus on emotional Intelligence/ethics/identity/ the FRUIT that prophetic people/prophets should display....very thoroughly presented...so grateful for the mentors in my life on this journey that God has me on..it matters who you learn from and who you listen to and allow to pour into you...It really matters."
- N. Bishop
"Some teach on the prophetic; but it tends to all be the same. Some things are constant, but God is always doing new things as well! The timing of the current class has been perfect; 6 weeks! During the summer , my schedule has changed , so this was timely!"
- D. Hazlip

Prophetic Dynamics Level 1 Course Completion

To ensure a seamless and progressive learning experience, the mentorship program is available to those who have completed the Prophetic Dynamics Level 1 course. This prerequisite is in place to maintain the integrity and depth of the mentorship, building upon the foundational principles you've already mastered. By doing so, we focus on advancing your journey without revisiting the basics.
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Not Yet Completed Level 1?
No Problem!

If you are keen to join the mentorship but haven’t completed the Prophetic Dynamics Level 1 course, we’ve got you covered. You can register for our On-Demand Level 1 Course – a flexible, comprehensive, and self-paced learning experience that prepares you for the mentorship program.

Ready to Dive Deeper?
Click here to register for the On-Demand Prophetic Dynamics Level 1 Course
Embark on this profound journey of continuous prophetic development with us.
We are committed to nurturing your growth every step of the way and are excited to see you unlock new dimensions in your prophetic walk.
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Deepen your engagement with prophetic ministry
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Develop Your Prophetic Gift

The Prophetic Dynamics Mentorship Program is exclusively designed as a continuation of the transformative journey you began in the Prophetic Dynamics Level 1 course. This advanced mentorship is tailored to deepen your understanding, enhance your skills, and expand your prophetic capabilities.

Experience a holistic and immersive journey that takes your understanding of prophetic ministry to new heights.
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