Transforming Anxiety into Serenity with Faith and Wisdom

God's Remedy For Anxiety

This transformative course, based on Shelby Frederick's insightful book "God's Remedy For Anxiety", offers a blend of spiritual wisdom and practical strategies to conquer anxiety. Participants will embark on a journey to understand the root causes of anxiety and discover how faith-based principles can lead to lasting peace and serenity.

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Learning Objectives

Understand the Nature and Impact of Anxiety

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what anxiety is, how it manifests physically and emotionally, and the common triggers that can exacerbate anxious feelings. This objective includes recognizing the long-term effects of unmanaged anxiety on both mental and physical health.

Apply Scriptural Wisdom to Combat Anxiety

Learners will explore key biblical verses and concepts that address anxiety, learning how to apply these scriptures in practical ways to everyday situations. This includes developing skills to use prayer, meditation, and scriptural reflection as tools to reduce and manage anxiety.

Develop Personal Strategies for Spiritual and Emotional Growth

Participants will be equipped to create personalized strategies that incorporate gratitude practices, specific prayer techniques, and reflective journaling to enhance their emotional and spiritual resilience against anxiety.

Cultivate a Supportive Community and Self-Awareness

By the end of the course, learners will have fostered a sense of community through shared experiences and discussions. They will also develop greater self-awareness of their anxiety triggers and the deceptive nature of anxious thoughts, learning to identify and challenge them with truth and faith.

Your Instructor

Shelby Frederick

Shelby Frederick, a multifaceted individual known as "Lady Jewels" to her social media followers, is making a remarkable impact as an author, coach, trainer, and equipper. Her unique communication style enables her to bridge generational gaps and deliver practical coaching for successful living. As a Holistic Life Practitioner, Shelby's vision is to empower women with holistic strategies, inspiring them to take personal responsibility for all eight dimensions of wellness and positively influence their spheres of influence.  

 With over sixteen years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Shelby possesses extensive knowledge and training in various forms of holistic healing. Her expertise allows her to educate the public about the power of holistic approaches to well-being. Furthermore, as a Certified Instructor and a Professor at the International Institute of Faith-Based Counseling and Northeastern College of Theology in Ohio, Shelby brings over 10 years of instructional experience in higher education, further enriching her ability to equip others. She is also the founder of War Room Warriors Equipping Center, an apostolic discipleship hub that equips believers for the work of the ministry. Shelby completed her Master's of Theology studies in April 2023. 

Shelby Frederick's passion for holistic living, her commitment to empowering women, and her depth of knowledge make her a highly respected figure in her field. Through her books, coaching, training, and equipping, she is making a significant and positive difference in the lives of individuals, helping them thrive in all aspects of their well-being: spirit, soul, and body. 

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Course Lessons

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